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Al Bahar Enclosures Manufacturing

Dubai Industrial City, Dubai 044597281
Al-Bahar Mfg is a regional provider of high quality purpose built equipment modules and acoustic containers .
At Al Bahar, our job involves:

- Enclosure Manufacturing,
- Fuel Tanks Storages,
- Acoustic Attenuators,
- Mufflers and Silencers,
- General Fabrications,
- Blasting And Painting,
- Engine and Alternator Coupling,
- Site Installation,
- Fuel System Design and Installation,
- Power Rooms Ducting and Piping,
- Refurbishment and Repair,
- Offshore Enclosures, and Containerized Solutions.

Our aim is to understand the requirement of our clients and meet their expectations. To achieve this we continuously strive to keep ourselves updated with the latest in technological developments enabling us to provide the most appropriate engineering solutions, equipment, and services, to our exhaustive range of clients.

We combine our customer driven attitude with a team of highly skilled Design Engineers, Fabricators, Welders, Technicians, and Toolmakers, to deliver a superior service and quality product to all our customers.

Email: [email protected]
Al Bahar Manufacturing LLC

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