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Custom Made

717 Sheikh Zayed Road, Bindaher Building, Ground Floor, Shop #2, Near Nabooda, Dubai
Custom Made is a luxury and custom-made jewelry manufacturer.
At CustomMade, we believe jewelry should be as unique as the moments, memories, and people that inspire it. Not something off a shelf, out of a catalog, or that’s been sitting in a case.

Bringing forward a collection with an aesthetic appeal for a broad market while ensuring exceptional results is a challenge for any organization.

Riva Precision provides a systematic approach to creating timeless designs that are consistently reproduced through the company’s in-house capabilities. This is only the beginning of what makes Riva the right choice—the trusted choice—as a business partner. The world’s leading jewelry retailers have worked with Riva Precision for over two decades because they demand the exceptional results that only a global leader in jewelry manufacturing can provide.

Whether it be to add to your collection, that first special wristwatch or the restoration of a much loved heirloom we are here to help.

Get in touch with us.

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