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Argus Embedded systems

Building 14, Dubai (408)6001453 http://sysargus.com/en/ae
Argus system develops and produces high-quality industrial enclosures and system solutions for the fields of mechanical and plant engineering, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, automotive, transport technology, automation systems, explosion-endangered zones.
We are dedicated to partnering with our customers on a worldwide basis to find the best solution for their automation, electrical and lighting applications in harsh and hazardous locations. Our goal is to give customers more than protection.

Argus Systems are the leading Electronic Manufacturing service provider across the world. Argus Embedded Systems one of the leading service providers in various types of wellhead control panels (WHCP) for the control, monitoring safety of oil and gas production wells. Our wellhead control panels are vital elements in the main control and safety systems for onshore and offshore production facilities.

We deliver every solution that meets and exceeds the international, national, local and corporate standards and operational excellence.

We at Argus systems Design, Manufacture, Install and Commission according to customer specifications. We are Specialized in Multi-well, single well, PLC-based, Solar powered and self-contained. Argus Systems designs and manufacture Aluminum enclosures for electronics. We can provide boxes customized to your needs including drilling, milling, threading, printing and adding cable glands.

We employ the latest manufacturing technology, using die-casting, extrusions and sheet aluminum to create our modern range of highly versatile enclosures.

Argus Systems is one of the leading service providers in Electronic product service solutions, hardware and product provider with various clients in USA, UK, Australia, India, Doha & UAE. We have worked on various embedded technologies and solutions which are now being manufactured by customers under its ODM/OEM services.
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