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Indigo icon building,Suit 202, Cluster F, Dubai +971506330263 / +971 4 2438778 https://www.ecomaniac.org/
The Eco-maniacs emphasize on maintaining a Clean Environment! We promote products that have been derived from renewable resources and are completely biodegradable.
Ecomaniac manufactures & promotes environmentally-friendly daily essentials & products. Join the move for environmental sustainability & say no to toxic Plastic!

Ecomaniac features PLA and CPLA, Corn starch, sugarcane bagasse & bio cassava products. These products do not harm the environment in their entire life-cycle.

We are Eco maniacs and we have taken a pledge against the non renewable plastic products that are immune to decomposition. We nurture the use of renewable resources fabricated from easily decomposable materials like plant starch.

We proudly present a 100% eco-friendly plastic empowering industry and have set our vision to create a complete biodegradable alternative market for our environmentally enlightened consumers. Our Products are not only bio based; they are also easily bio degradable. The ultimate goal is a complete clean sweep of non renewable plastics with our economical and environmentally friendly day to day domestic products.

Our bio degradable products are a one of a kind answer for the biggest environmental threats posing against Mother Nature. We have raised an alarm against Pollution, global warming, soil degradation and other major concerns with our waste free & affordable daily use product ranges.

Do you wish to lend your hand to promote green practices too? Then, we would love to hear from you. Contact us asap!

CPLA and PLA biodegradable producteco friendly product

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