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Housekeeping Co

Tadbeer Service Center Beside FAB Metro Exit 2, Dubai 047060100
Housekeeping Co is a government lincensed Tadbeer Centre to provide maid services in Dubai and the company is managing the recruitment and deployment of the domestic workers.
Housekeeping Co was established in the year 2011 and is currently a well-known name in the United Arab Emirates for having various housekeeping services.

The company is managing the recruitment and placement of domestic workers from different foreign countries. The Housekeeping Co has so far managed to be the shelter for more than 1500 domestic workers while served thousands of families with various services like maids in Dubai, babysitter, house cleaning services, private nurse, cook, drivers, etc.

Sponsoring families rely on the Housekeeping Co to navigate their way ethically in recruitment and management of their foreign domestic worker. The Housekeeping Co. has positively changed the lives of the foreign domestic workers in offering them transparency of placement, employment contract. The ongoing training and developing ensures up-skilling their qualifications.

Our aim is to offer fair hiring for foreign domestic workers world-wide, to support families in their effective engagement and relationship management, and to train every foreign domestic worker and up-skill set in becoming the best of what they can do.

You can browse through the Candidate Profiles to look for part time and full time live in maids or nannies in Dubai to choose from the list.

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