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Dial A Maid Service Dubai

Al Fahad - 2 Damascus Street, PO Box 57023, Dubai 8005151
Dial a maid is one of the oldest maid service companies for about two decades in Dubai providing quality maid service.
With more than a decade of experience in the cleaning and housekeeping sector, Dial A Maid is an established residential, commercial cleaning company, offering you a range of professional services in Dubai.

Dial A Maid is the most reliable residential and commercial cleaning services in Dubai. We believe in the concept of team cleaning and this has yielded best results for us and our clients.

In an effort to provide cleaning services for your specific needs we would love to hear from you

Our team is known for their courtesy and diligence, providing expert, professional cleaning to make your home or office look sparkling clean. Enjoy the premium service

Dialamaid provides fully trained housekeeping staff that guarantee satisfaction. Welcome to Dial A Maid, a cleaning service dedicated to understanding your specific needs, valuing your time, and providing you with quality cleaning and housekeeping services in Dubai, UAE.

Now, enjoy clean home through our professional service at a fair price of Dh.40 per hour.

we are open:

Saturday to Thursday: 8 – 6pm
Public Holidays: 8.30 – 3.30pm.
Toll Free:800 5151
Dial A MAid service Dubai

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