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Saif Al Shamsi Advocates & Legal Consultants

Business Village, Block B, 5TH Floor, office 532, Dubai 0582188898 https://saifalshamsiadvo.com/
We are Specialized in all types of cases, providing legal services to commercial companies and individuals and startups.
We do more than just work a case. We give thoughtful, strategic guidance to our clients. Being lawyers doesn’t mean we can only give legal advice. But, we can actually be your partner, we can help you manage and overcome complex problems through our creative approach. If you need more than legal advice, then we can help.

Saif Al Shamsi Advocates & Legal Consultants is a full-service law firm duly licensed to perform legal services and advocacy in the U.A.E. Choosing the right law firm in the UAE can often be a daunting search, But in today’s world, having a trusted legal firm or legal advisor becomes an essential business necessity, especially if you are dealing with legal issues or anticipating potential legal problems.

Our Firm is one of the best and reputable firms in the United Arab Emirates. Our team of professional lawyers will advise you and ensure that you will be represented fairly, legally and fully throughout the entire legal process.

Our Services

We can represent you in all aspect of legal cases. Among our strong practice areas are criminal law, civil law, corporate & commercial, family law, labor law, intellectual property, banking, maritime & transport, real estate, litigation & arbitration.. so, don’t worry, we can guide you through the entire legal process matters.

Our expert legal team understands the value of our client’s need for esteem personal assistance at every possible opportunity, and to guarantee continuous turn of events and achievement. At this firm, we are committed to strict standards and rules within a discreet professional conduct to address all concerns of our valued clients. As a company, we are ready and willing to work around the clock to clear your problems.
Advocates Saif Al Shamsi

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