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Twazen Aladel

Emaar Boulevard Plaza, Tower 1, 17th Floor, 1702, CLOVER BAY TOWER, 2309, Dubai 04-401-8457 https://twazenaladel.com/
Twazen Aladel Legal Consultants and Debt Collection has a total of 20 years of experience in handling legal matters including marriage, real estate, employment etc.
Twazen Al Adel has 20+ years of collective experience in legal consultation, debt collection, criminal, civil, rental dispute, property & real estate law. Our experience range from local to international clients to help assist in all legal matters such as personal, marriage, divorce, real estate, labor, employment, criminal, civil, intellectual property, public prosecution, police cases, immigration, religious rights in all the emirates of UAE.

The Lawyer Attorneys Firm is a general practice firm that has served individuals and business for over twenty years. We are dedicated lawyers who work efficiently and hard to provide you the best law service.

TWAZEN AL ADEL has proved itself with numerous achievements in the vast field of legal services. Their legal firm offers the most reliable services to its customers living out of the country, seeking highly qualified lawyers in UAE. Team of most experienced legal consultants and attorneys is always active to satisfy the clients with all their efforts and energy,

We cover a vast range of varied forms of legal disputes with all its diversities. Our expertise includes banking law, arbitration, commercial law, criminal law, company law, family law, inheritance law, extraditions, maritime law, the incorporation of companies, labour law and debt collection.

You can get all these services without spending much on fares to travel in the UAE. Moreover, we provide the best services at the least price amongst all the legal firms in the UAE.

E: [email protected]
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