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Fotis Law Firm

Office 305, Park Towers (B), Dubai +971 4 354 4660 | +971 56 129 8984
Fotis is an international law firm housing some of the best lawyers in Dubai, UAE. We provide upscale legal service and representation in the UAE and the wider Middle East.
We are a specialized team of lawyers that cater to the requirements of various industries such as aviation law, banking, corporate transactions, energy (hydrocarbons and oil and gas) finance, healthcare, hospitality, knowledge and education, real estate, shipping and maritime, technology and transportation.

We are a domestic law firm with a global network of lawyers functioning in over four jurisdictions. We try our level best to ensure that our clients are able to monetize on our creativity in arguing and defending cases. This is because we strongly believe that a lawyer is not just a professional, but also an artist. We have a way with our approach towards our matters just like how a seasoned painter would approach his new painting.

Our firm was founded on a simple ideology – each department to itself. We understand that our clients place their trust and faith in us and this succours us to ensure that the level of services that we provide are in line with international standards.
Therefore, each enquiry that comes to our lawyers in Dubai undergoes a two step verification process whereby our client co-ordination team ensures that any and all enquiries are transferred to a lawyer that specializes in the subject matter of that enquiry, thereby helping us adopt a client-oriented approach.

Fotis’ network of lawyers has gained popularity with their distinct and out of the box thinking that has enabled our clients to succeed in various critical legal matters and corporate transactions.

Email: [email protected]
Fotis Law Firm

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