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Al Marzouqi Management Consultancies

Park Avenue Building 2 Suite 306, Dubai +971 4 435 6718 +971 4 435 6719 http://www.almc.ae/
Al Marzouqi Management Consultancies (ALMC) provides expert witness services for arbitration and litigation within the UAE.
Whether you are seeking expert witness services or advice and counsel, or whether you are in a situation where a dispute has arisen and you want your project to progress smoothly, avoiding future disputes, ALMC can be of help. We are well-equipped to provide a range of in-house training programs that are tailored to meet your particular needs, virtually.

We are also well equipped to provide an array of in-house training programs, tailored to meet your specific requirements on virtually all legal and construction related issues, with noted expertise on breaches of construction contracts and theft and damage to energy and power supplies.

Mohamed Al Marzooqi, the founder of Al Marzouqi Management Consultancies (ALMC) is fully qualified to act as either an expert witness or arbitrator on disputes that typically arise on major construction projects. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry, out of which 10 years have been spent on providing technical and legal expert witness services, with particular focus on infrastructure of electrical projects.

Among the services we offer are:

in-house training on construction contracts and all technical-legal and construction related matters
advice and training on the avoidance of legal disputes
provision of independent evaluators
provision of qualified arbitrators, adjudicators and mediators in electrical projects
advising on settlement and offers
advising on technical issues related to power and air conditioning projects in the briefing of counsel, inspection of documents and interviewing witnesses through court's appointment or through private client instruction
provision of expert witnesses and expert advisors during litigation proceedings in electrical and air conditioning projects
providing a portal for discussion and sharing of services and know-how for the construction industry and court experts
Expert Witness Services and Construction investigations

If you foresee a potential dispute arising in relation to your development or project, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation. By hiring an expert witness early in your case, in particular, one with specific industry experience, you will gain valuable insight into the circumstances of a dispute, and how to avoid it from escalating.
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