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Creative Tower, P.O.Box 4422, Fujairah, Dubai www.onlinelegal.ae
ONLINE LEGAL SERVICES is an innovative law firm concept structured to provide AFFORDABLE, EFFICIENT, and QUICK LEGAL SERVICES via emails, phone calls, and Skype calls.
We are an innovative law firm provides AFFORDABLE, EFFICIENT, and QUICK LEGAL SERVICES mostly via emails, phone calls, and Skype calls without bearing additional costs of similar legal services provided by the regular law firms or physically visiting their offices. All this, without bearing the additional costs of similar legal services provided by regular law firms which eventually will be added to your invoice (i.e. costs of luxurious offices, costs of armies of administrative assistants and secretaries…etc.).

With technology having grown tremendously, it can be rightfully used to earn your legal rights. Being tech-savvy, our services are affordable, efficient, simple and quick, as you do not have to waste time by physically visiting lawyer offices to just send an email and receive the legal service that you need.

Our legal services are open to all including low income / wage workers and employees, new companies which still do not have significant revenues and need to reduce their costs. people / companies that are in urgent need of legal assistance and people / companies outside the UAE seeking legal aid.

Online legal services are only a few clicks away. You just have to send an email seeking our legal services. A lawyer will reply to serve you with requested legal services, which can be served online through contract, legal consultancy etc. In case the legal service cannot be fulfilled online (i.e., if it involves court hearings, incorporating a company etc.), you will receive more correspondence through emails about the next steps. You can also contact us via Skype or emails.

We offer the following legal services - Litigation and dispute resolution, labour disputes, legal studies, contracts and legal documents, bounced cheques, corporate services, debt collection and management, document attestation, legal consultation through Skype, and Trademarks registration.

So why waste your time searching for costly legal services or through personal visit to lawyers' offices, when you can avail the same services online?
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