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FineCity Lanscape

Al Dana Street Warsan 3, Dubai +971554153314 +971554153314 https://www.finecity.ae/
Fine City Nursery are well stocked with all types of indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, trees, pots and garden accessories.
FineCity Nursery is much more than any ordinary Nursery. It is an experience. From small plants to large trees,palms and rear indoor plants,we have something for everyone coupled with a promise of best client service experience-We all grow when your plants grow.

This planet is like our baby. We can only make it grow by making it more GREEN. To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. We assure you, we make it happen.

Our Vision focus on three factors:

Maintain ecological balance.
Grow plants, save the environment.
Be loyal to the soil.

FINE CITY LANDSCAPE is the premium company providing the very best in horticultural for outdoor gardening and indoor gardening in UAE

Our team is well trained to research and source out high-quality Plants at economical rates available in the UAE market. We are providing plants for indoor, outdoor, and office. Moreover, We also provide consultations about the care and safety of plants. We make sure you get high-quality plants with hassle-free delivery right at your doorstep.

Moreover, we assure you of sustainable practices in our nursery to reduce levels of fertilizers and use a good pest management system to promote plant health. We aim to focus on the vitality of Global Warming and enlighten the new generation to be environment friendly and kind to our planet. In addition, We focus on the importance of gardening and educate the masses and classes on how it can make the environment green and a step towards a better future.
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