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Belrose Diamonds

Almas Towers, JLT, Dubai +32472451450 https://www.belrosediamonds.com
We’re trusted diamond manufacturer company all over the world. Having vast knowledge of natural diamonds, our team of experts promotes transparency and trust in the jewelry.
Find the perfect diamond to celebrate your love. At Belrose Diamonds, We manufacture the best quality diamonds at the best prices. As diamond manufacturers, we have over 52+ years experience and have established ourselves as the best in the world.

Diamonds have been sought after for years, and no one does it better than us. Our reputation as a top diamond manufacturer ensures to maintain the highest standards of clarity, size, and sparkle. Our team of experts uses their vast knowledge to create stunning diamonds that stands out as the finest mines in the world.

From Lesotho in South Africa, to Okavango in Botswana, Belrose Diamonds is welcomed into some of the finest mines in the world.

Once a sublime find is brought to the Belrose Atelier, our team of cutters and polishers orchestrate, with patience and precision, to unearth its true calibre.

No demand is too minute or elaborate. Our teams in Antwerp and Mumbai work tirelessly with you on every step to surpass even our own standards.

E: [email protected]
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