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34 Zaa'beel St, Dubai +971 52 384 7741 https://www.beefurb.com/
Beefurb is the refurbished electronic gadget store in Dubai.
You can find durable and affordable electronics gadgets that can assist you in being a part of the E-waste reduction plan if you are interested in durable and affordable electronics gadgets. Beefurb has Refurbished and Used Electronics for Sale in Dubai and Sharjah and our refurbished gadgets rival the sparkle of brand-new devices, offering you a remarkable combination of quality and savings.

Even before world started thinking about sustainable electronic gadgets, our parent company Beebizzle marked its foot in refurbished devices production in as early as 2014. Over the past years, we have, with fulfillment and gratitude served more than 2 lakh satisfied customers.

By significantly reducing e-waste, we made our impression in the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal in
“Responsible consumption and production”.

Beefurb is experienced enough to know the pulse of the technology growth world carries to supply them with ample amount of products. Beefurb actively commits to UN SDG-12 by promoting sustainable consumption and production. We extend the life of electronics, significantly reducing e-waste and fostering equitable access to technology, aligning with global efforts to ensure responsible and environmentally-friendly consumption patterns.

Solving the digital divide by sustainable and quality refurbishment process; We happen to re-write the destiny of some of the great products;

We are Beefurb!
Refurbished electronic store dubai

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