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Office No 7, Floor 29, Aspin Commercial Tower, Dubai +971504235546 https://www.bautomate.com
Bautomate is a Digital Business Process Automation Software that provides business process automation software and OCR software to various sectors.
Bautomate provides business process automation software & OCR software to various sectors. Leading BPA software vendor in the US region, UK, India, and the Middle east. Achieve innovative business automation in the day-to-day processes and simplify your workload. AI-driven process automation for improving your operational efficiency.

Bautomate’s Business Process Automation platform is powered with Web based Drag N Drop Process Modeller, Workflow Engine, Process Bots, Techno & Functional MicroBots, BautoWatch Transaction Monitor & Task Management features. Little to No Training is needed for all cateogories of users to operate the tool with ease.

Define, Operate, Inspect & Track the Business Processes at ease. Bautomate RPA focuses on operational efficiency, reduced costs, improved employee productivity, and critical business decisions.

Bautomate RPA automates a wide range of repetitive tasks by interacting with any number of applications or data sources. The system is capable of initiating the responses and communicating with other systems easily.

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