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Liberty Building, Near FAB Metro Station. Mezzanine Floor, Dubai +971800123123 / +971 4 249 3030
AEserver is the leading domain registrar in the UAE which offers customers all necessary tools to build and capitalize on the online presence of their business.
People nowadays spend a lot of time online. Companies in the UAE need to be accessible to customers no matter what channel they choose to interact with them. AEserver, with its office located in Dubai, offers its customers with all the necessary tools to build and capitalize on a business's online presence.

AEserver is UAE's one stop online shop for everything web related. Over 20,000 individuals & businesses in the UAE & globally register domains, host websites, run servers & use our email & other managed web services everyday.

AEserver opened it digital doors back in 2005. It is a UAE based start up that was launched by it’s current owner from a bedroom and with a strong vision to transform the definition of domain name registration and web hosting industry in the UAE.

During the following decade, UAE has grown exponentially in terms of business, real estate, construction & aviation and this has resulted in an influx of entrepreneurs & businesses from all over the globe this has sparked a boom in the Emirates. All these businesses needed a digital home for their websites, email & data. This is when AEserver has truly transformed from a domain reseller to a full-fledged accredited domain registrar, dedicated web/cloud host provider, and SME web solutions provider.

Today, AEserver is a key player in UAE's web hosting scene serving businesses of all sizes. Our clients range from individual business owners to large government agencies that utilize our infrastructure to power their digital needs. AEserver manages & hosts some of the most known brands in the UAE and beyond. All this is possible due to our superior technology, top-rated customer engagement team & visionary management.

From websites that load and transmit information at the speed of light to apps that can be installed at the click of a button, our team works together and ensures everything is faster and better. Moreover, we keep our terms and transaction process clear, eliminating any hidden charges. What you see is what you pay for when choosing our service. Visit our website to get started with your domain registration process.
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