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Level 19 & 22, BurJuman Business Tower, BurJuman Center, Dubai +971 50 558 3845 https://lumion.ae/
Lumion is an architectural rendering software that makes it simple to make genuine encounters.
Omnix is a leading software provider in the UAE for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction segment and is also an Authorized Reseller of LumionĀ® visualization software in the UAE. Transform your project from a vision into an easy-to-understand, easy-to-present reality using different versions of Lumion.

It makes it simple for you, your group, and clients to imagine genuine conceivable outcomes. Revive your design by delivering recordings and pictures with Lumion.

Super practical delivering capacity with normal materials, lighting, and surfaces makes Lumion programming one of the most incredible 3D programming being utilized in the UAE and all over the planet.

In the continuously evolving fields of architecture, engineering and construction, renderings and architectural visualizations have become an essential tool for when professionals need to communicate their project ideas with clients, colleagues and others. Lumion aims to turn the process of rendering into an easy, streamlined experience, reducing the amount of effort needed on your end to create beautiful results.

Lumion helps you in fast rendering and real-time visualization of your project.

You just move your camera through your project and Lumion software design makes it easy and fun to visualize your CAD projects.

You can generate hundreds of images and video clips in a few minutes.

Email: [email protected]

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