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Beams IT Solutions

Damascus Street 4, Dubai 0551934752 https://www.beamserp.com
Beams IT Solutions is one of the UAE’s best ERP software providers.
Having 17+ years of industry experience in every industry, we are the best company who provide customized and VAT ready ERP software for your business.

Beams is among the ERP software pioneers. Founded in 2007 in Dubai by Shahim EP with a clear vision: by delivering affordable, flexible and easy to use solutions to become one of the leading partner for business management services in the GCC .

Through the efforts of a team of visionary software engineers and consultants, we developed Beams ERP – a purpose-built Customized ERP solution for all businesses to integrate and centralize all data, information and processes of any company into a unified system. We have offered our products, services and solutions that are of international standards with much lesser cost of ownership to the client.

The word ‘Beams’ in our name reflects our funneling strategies, the beam will optimize your business challenges by our flexible management software. Over the past 14 years, Professional Advantage has grown to a team of 25 employees across two offices. We have worked with over 1,000+ clients and completed over 500+ projects in the past 10 years. In 2019, Beams has extended its services in India too. We’ve grown organically and expanded worldwide. No investors, just our own success. We embody classic mid -market success, borne out of the creativity of our motivated team.

Beams employs the best in the business, nothing less. our employees are our powerful assets. We’re highly-skilled, creative, and passionate. together, as a community, we encourage, empower, and help each other to be even better and smarter – to produce better outcomes for you.

Beams is headquartered in Dubai and it's a completely locally developed software. So we can offer you the maximum. Get a free demo today!

E: [email protected]
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