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Natasha Rocha

Office 3004, SABA Tower 1 - Cluster E, Dubai 971502201359
Brazilian-born Natasha Maggessi is a tax expert, qualified lawyer and financial advisor in the UAE.
Natasha is one of the few female advisors in the finance industry in Dubai, and currently serves as a Senior Financial and Tax Advisor at Guardian Wealth Management, advising clients on best ways to build their investment portfolio.

Natasha's work experience involves tax and personal finance consultation, and she has lent her expertise to high-profile individuals and companies across Brazil, Hong Kong and the UAE.

Having completed her undergraduate studies in a top Law School in Brazil, she has specialized in International Economic Law, with Master's degree in the subject from Chinese University of Hong Kong. Natasha is also qualified by the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment, and is actively involved in Brazilian community, and is one of the founding members of the current project of creating Brazilian Business Council in Dubai. She is also a regular speaker at the Brazilian Embassy.

If you are living offshore, or think that you are not making sufficient savings, or are concerned about financially protecting your family, or want to update yourself about your tax liabilities, you can email to [email protected] or visit the blog for more details.
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