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INV Technologies FZ Co.

DTEC, Dubai +971 56 682 7390 is an electronic platform that introduces businesses, entrepreneurs and investors to each other, and facilitates doing business among them completely online in a safe and smart manner.
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From the heart of Dubai’s Silicon Valley, INV500 Technologies FZ Co is a duly licensed company under DTEC authority, which rises as a new disrupting player in the field of business networking and investment opportunities through its website

A user can choose one or two types of accounts, 'a Pitcher' or 'an investor'. Investors can post the kind of investment they are looking for Pitchers to make offers. All user accounts can be verified to ensure their authenticity. The investment opportunities are public, and are accessible through shortcuts, apart from smart search engine integrated to the website.

Confidential documents shall remain private, and unshared until recipient signs and NDA to the sender's satisfaction. INV500 users can communicate freely anytime without intervention or middlemen, through messages, video and audio calls, live chats or specific requests,

When the deal is signed, the website will help in closing the deal between the users, including legal assistance in preparing necessary contract, reviewing documents, due diligence, feasibility, etc. Investors need not make any payment towards investment until they are fully satisfied about their rights being guaranteed, with the possibility of INV500 bridging the deal as escrow agent for further protection of investor's interest.

INV500 functions as a social platform for the business community and enables users to communicate and share thoughts and opportunities through groups formed on the basis of their industry and location. As a user, you can form a group, invite connections, interact in a social environment, provided, all posts and comments should be business related.

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