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The Reliable Technical Services

PO Box 9365, Dubai +971 555 464 959 +971 503 893 000
The reliable technical Services is a Dubai home decor and interior design for residential and commercial sectors offering inspirational spaces tailored to individual projects.
As a senior interior designer, designs we work are highly flexible, creative, future-focused and functional. (Name) lead large-scale residential and commercial projects, managing complete remodel to small-scale fit outs. We carries a professional degree in Interior design and takes inspirations from arts and culture.

The Reliable Technical Services is serving for years. The Handyman Company offers Annual Maintenance Contract Services and has completed numerous jobs in Dubai. We have an extensive experience which means we fully understand what exactly is needed for efficient Interior Designing Services and Air Conditioning Maintenance Services, and most importantly – what isn’t.

Our Professional Plumbing & Cleaning Service Team provides you great relief when you are too busy or tired in Daily fixing & Repair works in your home or at your office, Our Professional Handymen are experienced in all kind of Maintenance Works in Dubai, Best Hourly rates, Dedicated Customer Service & vast list of Services distinguishes us from others, we have satisfied clients from all over U.A.E, from Tenants to Landlords, Offices to Organizations.

Our clients list speaks for itself. Since our earliest days, we’ve made sure to provide efficient and reliable service for your residential and commercial needs. Every day, we’ve devoted our hearts and minds to our clients, achieving successes and building lasting relationships.

E: [email protected]
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