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Prasoon Architecture & Interior Design Studio

Building 3, Third Floor, Dubai https://www.prasoon.design/
We are an award winning Architectural and Interior Design studio in Dubai & Saudi with projects ranging from luxury hotels, commercial projects to large urban developments.
The studio’s founder Prasoon Shrivastava comes from a background immersed in the construction industry geared towards sustainability. An architect by profession, entrepreneur by DNA and storyteller by practice, Prasoon’s curiosity evolved into our studio’s current design approach where each individual is encouraged to create architectural narratives that connect buildings to their community and context.

Under his guidance, we pursue each of our projects as matrimony of art and conscience to create innovative architectural solutions with a goal to optimise market and environmental viability. With an intrinsic exploration of the client’s mission, vision, site context and its place in history and culture lead us to create unique solutions with common means.

We constantly strive to produce ethically valid architectural stories that impart public interaction fuelled through form, function and materiality.

We believe in the transformative power of design and architecture in shaping a bond between memories and space. It can narrate powerful stories, of civilisations that once were and a society that we are. These stories are a medium through which we share our past, create our future and celebrate our present. For us, architecture and design are all about creating those stories, a sense of placemaking- through planning, spaces, connections and design. The environments that we design; from luxury resorts to gleaming skyscrapers, hygge residential spaces to sustaining urban infrastructure; all of them narrate our tale while weaving an experience that is lived once, cherished forever.

Email: [email protected]
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