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University Hospital Sharjah

P.O. Box 72772, University City, Sharjah 065058555 https://www.uhs.ae/uhs/
The University Hospital Sharjah is one of the best private hospitals in Sharjah with world-class facilities, committed to serving the growing healthcare needs of the community
The University Hospital of Sharjah (UHS) is located adjacent to the sprawling campus of University of Sharjah. The prestigious, world-class Hospital is synonymous with commitment, care and impeccable services it offers to the patients. We are one of the best private hospitals in the region.

Highly experienced, specialist doctors are the backbone of this patient-centric hospital. The hospital encompasses all the specialty and super-specialty areas of medicine and surgery. We have various centers of Excellence that strive to give the patients the best medical advice, treatment and care that could be compared to any famous and most committed medical centers of the world.

UHS takes pride in its team of Specialist Doctors Best Gynecologists, Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals who give their cent percent to their profession. Our diligent and dedicated team, and the team spirit they demonstrate helps in acclaiming UHS as the top-notch healthcare providers in UAE.

UHS has been providing high quality, cost effective healthcare services with a team of specialists doctors and healthcare professionals by ensuring the best possible care.
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