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Jebel Ali Free Zone, P.O. Box: 262169, Dubai
SHIELDme is a high-level Disinfectant and Sanitizer that is formulated from 100% natural resources, making it safe for humans and environment.
The world is learning to adapt to a new way of living following the emergence of Covid 19. At SHIELDme™, we are helping the effort by producing a versatile and non-toxic high-level disinfectant that can be used in businesses and homes across the UAE. It is rare for disinfectants to be chemical-free, but our experts have created a formula that does not contain a single trace of alcohol or harmful substances.

In fact, the FDA-approved disinfectant is made up of super oxidized water and hypochlorous acid (HOCI). Despite the formula containing 100% natural elements, its purpose is incredibly effective. By spraying this high-level disinfectant, it can kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, spores, mycobacteria, yeast and fungus. Individuals in the UAE that use SHIELDme™ disinfectant will not have to worry about suffering any side effects. The substance is entirely safe for humans, including pregnant women and children. Plus, it does not cause any harm to the environment, so our products can be used in all settings.

Our Range of Products

The SHIELDme™ experts developed a range of products and technologies that have been through rigorous scientific testing to ensure the best results. We wanted to make sure that every sector in the UAE was covered, including hospitality, business, education, food and more! During these unprecedented times, it is important that businesses continue to function and that families within the UAE can function as normally as possible. With the help of SHIELDme™ products, this is possible.

Our high-level disinfectant has been integrated into a range of high-tech equipment that will go a long way to protect business premises and individuals from harmful viruses and bacteria. We developed a wide range of products so that all sectors have access to sanitizing solutions. Our products include the following:

• Sanitizing Tunnels
• Automatic Hand Sanitizers
• Disinfecting Foggers
• Non-Contact IR Thermometer
• Dispenser Tower
• And More!

Our SHIELDme™ experts have also combined technologies to create products that provide two protective elements. The SHIELDme™ Tower has a fever detection system as well as a hand sanitizer dispenser, which means that anyone entering a facility can have their temperature checked and cleanse their hands in one go.

As well as manufacturing products that have our all-natural disinfectant incorporated, we also have a range of personal protective equipment (PPE) available. From disposable gloves and surgical face masks to face shields and disposable protective suits, we have products designed for all manner of situations. Within our product range, we also have KN95 filtering face piece respirators that are recommended by health authorities during pandemic situations.

All-Natural Disinfectant for Homes

As well as keeping businesses in the UAE ticking along, we also have bottled disinfectant and hand sanitizer for everyday use at home. Families across the country will be able to adapt to the ‘new normal’ with ease by incorporating this cleansing methods into their daily routine. Rest assured that our 100% natural formula is safe for use in all situations.
Disinfectant Tunnel Natural SanitizerHand Sanitizer

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