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Ithra Tower, Dubai- 41414, Dubai 80062235 www.fidoc.com
We allow you to search for all your needs in the medical industry that too with three easy steps.
At Fidoc, you can discover the best doctors, clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals near your area, you can compare the prices, check the reviews and connect with the doctors, clinics, etc.

At Fidoc, we aim to improve the daily life of patients and healthcare professionals by leveraging technology. For patients, finding the right doctor and clinic for treatment has never been easier. The platform connects them with everything they need to take good care of themselves, and lets them discover the right doctors, clinics and pharmacies based on the speciality, location and insurance.

Healthcare providers can harness the power of Fidoc by gaining access to a community of people that is looking for the right healthcare professional. It is a platform for them to grow their presence in a scalable manner, and interact with more patients by providing better healthcare.

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