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Dr Hanan Selim - Healology

Level 41, Emirates Towers, PO Box 31303, Dubai +971 4 319 7322 https://www.drhananselim.com/
Dr. Hanan Selim is a registered Consultant Pharmacist and Holistic Health Practitioner based in the UAE.
Healology offers a combination of traditional medicinal tests, diagnosis in combination with organic health solutions to cure lifestyle diseases such as cancer, obesity, endometriosis, infertility and diabetes. It allows entrepreneurs to have great performance and vitality as they use preventive healthcare programs.

Dr Hanan Selim works to provide natural non-invasive scientific evidence-based healthy solutions through continuous support and compassionate consulting called 'Healology' to create communities that are healthy, fit, like-minded, and successful enterpreneurs, who are otherwise demotivated having fallen into the prey of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, endometriosis and PCOS.

Dr. Hanan believes that with unleashing incredible health, you can generate amazing innovative business and aspire to a spectacular lifestyle.

So far, Healology has helped over 322, 911, 787 mompreneurs in all the major cities of more than 22 countries to overcome their lifestyle diseases, blast their root cause to heal to health and thrive in their life and business.

Contact Dr. Hanan at +971 4 319 7322.

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