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Scientific Co. LLC

Level 2, Suite 215, Al Nasr Plaza Building Oud Metha. P.O Box 92533, Dubai +971043573382 +971 04 3573386
We are the leading ambulance manufacturer of Dubai. We provide the best in ambulance services for the purpose of health checkups, examination, and x-rays with best equipment.
Scientific Co. LLC aims to fruitfully convert a picky vehicle to go with the needs of immobilized people, thereby helping provide them a relaxing and strain-free moving experience. All our cars are transformed as the need of immobilized people.

The car conversion mostly depends on two major things - the car being converted, and the immobilized individual for whom the adaptation is being carried out. After a proper thought on these, the next step is to do the transport adaption so as to offer a secure wheel chair available car. The change is being carried out, taking into account that the transport would be driven or moved by the user.

Our vehicle adaptation procedure has several benefits for the immobilized passengers. For instance we give total freedom of travel, with appropriate resource, ensuring that they move about securely in the car. Our company has witnessed considerable expansion in the trade of vehicle adaptations, being carried out in our company.

Our car adaption techniques have very much improved the lives of immobilized persons as they can now move comfortably anywhere they like. These alteration methods are tremendously popular across the world, due to their affordability, exterior, functionality and toughness. Our car adaptation methods have a variety of necessary features which has to a great extent contributed in giving a relaxing moving and driving experience intended for the immobilized persons.

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