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Indus Health Plus Medical Services L.L.C

804, City Tower 2, Near Crown Plaza, Dubai 043 316688 http://www.indushealthplus.ae/
Indus Health Plus offers comprehensive health checkup packages like full body checkup, Fitness Checkup, Heart Checkup, corporate health checkup, etc. in UAE's largest private healthcare provider 'NMC'
Indus Health Plus, pioneer is a preventive health checkup that was enforced in 2000 with a concept of prevention from diseases through early detection. Today Indus is persistently spreading the word of prevention across locations not just in India but Gulf as well.

Indus offers comprehensive health checkup packages like full body checkup, Fitness Checkup, Essential Heart Checkup, Executive health checkup Package, corporate health checkup, etc. We have tied up with UAE's largest private healthcare provider 'NMC' in Dubai, Deira, Dubai Industrial Park, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah. Our aim is to make preventive health care available across the large spectrum of working population. We offer customized preventive healthcare checkups for corporates too. Our primary aim was to inculcate the habit of prevention among people and make a major shift of their conventional mid-set from curative to preventive healthcare.

With growing levels of stress, pollution and other facets of modern lifestyle including eating junk food, lack of exercise, stress, etc., taking a toll on your health, diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension and certain cancers are seen even in the younger population today. Most of these diseases do not show pronounced signs and symptoms in early stages. These diseases can be treated more effectively if detected early through regular preventive checkups.

We have several comprehensively-designed checkup packages with exhaustive and high-end deliverables.

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