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Eyebrow Hair Transplant Dubai

Al Wasl Rd, Umm Seqiem, Al Manara Area P.O.Box. No. 57394, Dubai 971 52 9077746
Eyebrow Hair Transplant Dubai is providing the services of eyebrow hair transplant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
If you have thin and patchy eyebrows and want to make them full and thick, then no need to worry. Hair transplant Dubai is the place where your dream can come true.

Over-plucking, medication, eczema, alopecia areata, and lupus are some common triggers of eyebrow hair loss.

Eyebrow hair transplant Dubai is a simple, minimally invasive procedure, wherein the surgeon harvests healthy, balding resistant hair follicles from the back of the scalp, chest or back area and plants them in the eyebrows, in the areas needed. The surgery can be used for improving existing sparse eyebrow, or for recreating eyebrows in those who have lost they brows due to burn, trauma or accident. Complete restoration however, requires more than 200 grafts, while enhancement involves anywhere between 101 to 199 grafts. These days, women undergo eyebrow hair transplant in Dubai for touch-up purpose. They are intended to give an individual his desired, perfect shape of eyebrow. This subtle eyebrow reshaping usually requires 50 to 100 grafts.

The cost of eyebrow hair transplant in Dubai typically varies between 10 AED to 15 AED. However, the specific cost of the procedure can be evaluated only after you have been properly examined by the surgeon during the consultation.

Get free consultation with our surgeons and beauty experts at Eyebrow Hair Transplant Dubai.

eyebrow hair transplant

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