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Pearl Laboratory Supplies

Al Jurf Ind area : 01, near China mall, wear house no. 6,7,8, Ajman 9715583764
Pearl laboratory supplies provides the laboratory equipments,medical & diagnostic equipments ,Drinking water treatments solution,chemicals,glassware,apparatus etc.
Pearl Laboratory Supplies (PLS) has established itself as one of the leading Water treatment chemicals , minerals like calcium chloride , potassium bicarbonate, magnesium sulphate , magnesium chloride , sodium bicarbonate etc/ Purification Company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and GCC. Our expertise ranging from:

A) Design, Installation and Maintenance of Industrial/Commercial Water treatment and recycling plants , bitaumen testing equipments , cement testing equipments , concrete testing equipments, soil testing equipments, plastic testing equipments,

B) Technical consultancy about Drinking Water Production & Testing of Water chemistry

C) Worldwide Trading of Water Minerals, Analytical laboratory Instruments, Apparatus like hot plat , incubator , furnace , water bath , oil bath , dry oven , Vacuum dry oven , frizzier , lab frizzier , autoclave , microscope, lab burners , chemical fume hoods, lab stand , Auto pipets , heating mantle , ph meter ,Meter , electrode, hot plate and stirrers , lab Chemicals, food grade grease , microbiology media , Glassware, plasticware , Medical & Diagnostics Products, molecular sives , Whatman filters paper , wash bottles , Büchner funnel , buffer solution , lab measuring bottles , Crucible, test tube , indicators , silica crucible , , quartz cell , quartz test tube , volumetric flask , porcelain crucibles , Vacuum pump , lab balance , analytical balance ,evaporating disk , burner, thongs, reagents plastic bottles , hand gloves , magnetic stirrer , hydrometer , amber colour bottles , Desiccators , plastic glass funnel , rubber stopper , test tube holder , funnel holders , Petri dishes , plastic vials , test tube stand , centrifuge tube , piper stand , glass muller , conical flask , stopper , microscopic glass , cryo vials , digital thermometer, , wall type humidity temperature meter , rubber pipette,

D) Our common Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems applications catering to these sectors: Food & Beverage Industry, Agriculture, Boiler Feed, Environmental, Hospital, Hotel, Marine products , Mining products , Pharmaceutical chemicals and Equpment's , Power & Energy related Equpment's.

E) Industrial Sand and activated Carbon Water filters such as Bag filters, Absolute filters, High flow filters, spun filters , lab filters , etc. We offer cost-effective and very competitive solutions to our Customer’s requirement in Water space. Thanks to our customer’s loyalty and keeping PLS as their preferred choice, we have gradually increased our footprints in the local and international market. Our ingredient of Success is Simple: Keep building up on the basic principles of delivering higher Customer Satisfaction, such as....

Highest standard of Service, Competitive Pricing, Honouring Customer’s promise and Ontime Delivery are some attributes that keep us a class apart.

For all your Water project requirements related to Designing, Engineering, Installation & commissioning , Products procurement, etc, you can rely on PLS.
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