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Climate Plus

Al Quoz 1, Industrial Area, Dubai 04-344-4529 04-344-1060 https://climateplus.ae/
We sell and rent-our air cooling and heating products in Dubai.
Controlling space temperature is essential to ensure that comfort of everyone using the space. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, having the capability to control the heating and cooling of the space will enable you to provide utmost comfort to the people using the space, and this can be possible by getting the right cooler or heater.

Some of the products that we deal with include:

Misting fans, first-class evaporative cooler, sprayers and foggers, portable AC, misting parts, cooling fans, HVLS big fans, gas patio heaters, electric heaters, dehumidifiers, industrial humidifiers, stainless water coolers, air purifiers, air curtains, and fog cannions.

“Climate+ Dubai” offers air outdoor coolers rental, AC rental, cooling fans renal, patio heaters rental and dehumidifiers rental for selected models within UAE.

Rental service available within Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al khaimah and other Emirates (subject to confirmation at booking time).

Email: [email protected]
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