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The Dragon Twelve Football Club Dubai

Nibras International School (DIP), Dubai Investment Park - 1 , Dubai +971 56 197 8808 https://www.dragontwelvefc.com
The Dragon Twelve FC is one the Top Football Training Clubs in Dubai with experienced coaching staff, mostly retired players from Europe and South America.
If you are someone looking for Kids football coaching in UAE, you have come to the right place.

Dragon Twelve Events, founded in 2021 by the Chinese national football fans Leizi in the United Arab Emirates, focuses on youth football training and self-media operations, and adopts a football + tourism model to “revitalize Chinese football and cultivate overseas football stars”.to build “ Enjoying Top Soccer with Leizi”media account drives overseas Chinese fans to watch games around the world.

In order to enable the Children in the UAE to have high-quality youth football training, the European youth training system is introduced to provide professional guidance and training for 4-18 year old. The core coaches of the team come from retired players from Europe and South America. They have the certificates of top coaches from UEFA and CONMEBOL with many years of teaching experience in youth football training.

Through football, we hope to pass on to the young players the enthusiastic and positive lifestyle, the quality of perseverance and perseverance in the face of difficulties, and the sense of teamwork. So that the young players can constantly surpass themselves in football, school and life, achieve excellent results, and record their football life.

E: [email protected]
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