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Al Nasr Club

P.O.Box 2226, Dubai 3375500 www.alnasrclub.com
Literally translating to 'The Victors' this club which was founded in 1945 is regarded as the oldest club in UAE.
Over the years they have targeted top international players such as Italian legend Luca Toni and lured him to the club. Despite being the oldest club in the Emirates, the Dubai based club have yet to shrug off the 'Chokers' tag given to them because of the ability to always come close to winning the title but choking in the big games. However in recent years they have slipped further down finishing 5th in the most recent campaign. They have won the league 3 times up to date the most recent being in 1986. However the new year shows promise as they rose to win the Arabian Gulf Cup in early 2015.
dubaial nasr club

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