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King Caviars

Centurion Star Tower, Dubai +971544115555 https://kingcaviars.com/
Purchase the finest and healthiest caviar in Dubai UAE.
King Caviars; Amidst all the fierce competition in the region have immerged as the leading supplier and distributor of caviar in Dubai. Our caviar comes from specially prepared sturgeons farms. These farms are semi-wild farms and lakes surrounded by forests and mountains. In these farms the water is controlled and checked every day to ensure the best environment for sturgeons. This is the pime reason of our caviar being the finest in region.

King Caviars is a well established and the main dealer and supplier of Caviar in the Dubai. Our Broad client list incorporates nearby clients from the primary Restaurants, Duty Free Shops, Hotels and catering companies

Today our business has expanded in a better direction and we operate worldwide, spanning primarily across Europe and Middle East. The fundamental reason for the victory and acknowledgment of our products are the care and consideration that we bring to everything we do.

They have antioxidants. It is rich in vitamin A, which repairs damaged skin tissue and helps prevent cell wear, and vitamin E enhances the skin’s depth to deal with very dry skin conditions. Vitamin E is also valuable for the circulatory system and may help prevent Parkinson’s disease.

Help prevent caviar heart attacks:
Thanks to the high amount of omega-3 oils, more than 1000 mg in caviar helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

Caviar to protect against viruses:
Vitamin D is the another abundant element in this healthy food. This element helps protect the immune system and ensures that the immune cells communicate properly and function well .

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