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Al Rawdah

Lehbab Street, P.O Box : 4316, Dubai 8004403 https://alrawdahfarm.ae/
Al Rawdah delivers natural fed fresh chickens meat, which can be ordered online.
We all like chicken products . There are a variety of delicious cuisines we can make using chicken meat . But if the chicken we eat not fresh and safe, then it can create food infection and many other problems. We are the best chicken store in Dubai. We have all the best chicken products available with us.

With “excellence in quality” being the foremost objective, Al Rawdah prides itself of ultra-modern and hygienic production facilities and process, which have been adopted from the best practices in the industry and regularly monitored by Dubai Municipality and other food control inspectors.

Al Rawdah is the first poultry farm to be certified Halal by Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology (ESMA) in 2015 and has been continuing to adhere to the standards throughout. With the Emirates Quality Mark, ISO 14001, ISO 9002 Quality Assurance and HACCP certification Al Rawdah guarantees products that are safe, halal and of highest quality.

Al Rawdah promises our consumers 100% fresh products, which is backed by the fact that our chickens are only eight hours from slaughtering to supermarket. Furthermore, Al Rawdah is also the healthier option as we guarantee that our chickens have not been treated with anti-biotic and growth hormones at any stage.

Our commitment is not only to give high-quality food but also high-quality lifestyle both for their chickens and their consumers. Freshness, high quality meat, environmental friendly, protects animal welfare, focus on food safety, 100% natural feed are Al Rawdah’s watchwords.

Email: [email protected]
Al Rawdah fresh chickens meat

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