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BR Performance Studio

GATE AVENUE ZONE C P O Box 282489, Dubai +971 4 564 7439 https://www.brperformancestudios.com/
BR Performance Studios offer wholesome fitness including health, nutrition, and physical fitness.
BR performance studio is a place of the art coaching & performance center offering bespoke training packages for athletes of all levels.

We are a community based Performance and Fitness center here for a single purpose: to make you 1% BETTER EVERYDAY. Be it athletic performance or overall fitness our team of professional coaches and community of like minded athletes are here to help you redefine your limits.

Our services include:

Personal training
Training for triathletes
Bootcamp classes
Indoor cycling
Online endurance coaching
Nutrition and health coaching.

We believe there is an athlete in all of us, join us to expose your own.

E: [email protected]
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