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Iconic Fitness Gym

Dream Tower 2 Ground Floor, Dubai +971 4 422 5338 https://iconicfitness.ae/
Iconic Fitness primarily focuses on strength training and offers specific programs to ensure that our clients are stronger and fitter than ever before.
If you're after building hard and strong muscles we have you covered. We prioritize strength training and have focused programs to ensure our clients come out the other side stronger and fitter than before!

Passionate about overcoming obstacles and celebrating the rewards of hard work. At Iconic Fitness, the workouts are challenging but accessible. Our athletes leave each day feeling accomplished: stronger, faster, fitter – healthier.

Our highly-qualified coaches are dedicated to you and each and every class they lead. We understand your goals - we’ve been there and we’ve coached members through every imaginable fitness goal. From the smallest (but not always the easiest) to the seemingly impossible, we’re here to help and guide you though them all.

Within our uniquely-situated space, we are equipped with the highest quality CrossFit and cross-training equipment. We have everything you need and nothing less than the best to get us in the best shape of our lives.

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