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Smart Time EMS Fitness

Office No – 3 & 4, Amaya Plaza, Nad Al Hammar, P.O.Box : 13214, Dubai +971 42 639322
Smart Time EMS Fitness is the first EMS gym to offer wireless EMS technology to the users. We can help you gain a toned body with EMS (Easy Motion Skin) fitness techniques at minimal time.
Smart Time EMS Fitness can help you obtain that beautiful body you have been dreaming off in a short span of time, like just 20 minutes a week.

At the EMS Fitness studio in Nad Al Hammar, we provide an environment that will favour your fitness goals with just 25 minutes per week. With EMS fitness techniques and German manufactured Easy Motion Skin EMS suit you can achieve the body you have been dreaming of in no time!

At our Smart Time EMS fitness studio, we encourage exercising and pay individual attention, which will make exercising more effective and efficient. Our professional trainers here will help you with any adaptations that you may need. We take time to study your diet routines and lifestyle habits too, so that we can accordingly compliment your exercise routine.

At Smart Time EMS Dubai Gym, we have highly motivated, qualified and professional staff who constantly monitor and provide EMS training, the best stimulator to lose weight. We also provide EMS Fitness training, workout and regimes to professional athletics and fitness enthusiasts under supervision of trained experts, in combination with Easy Motion Skin. With EMS Fitness, you can actually stimulate your muscles to look leaner, fitter and healthier. Smart Time EMS Gym also offers EMS workout with light cardio training that rehabilitates your body as well as ensure you lose the unwanted fat.

At Smart Time EMS Gym in Dubai we strive to provide you with the finest and most effective EMS workout modules so that you can get the immediate results, whether you are aiming for electric weight loss, fat reduction, toned body or even a six pack abs.Smart Time EMS Dubai Gym is an all-inclusive Gym offering EMS training sessions through cardio and weight exercises. A 20-minute of EMS fitness session at Smart Time Gym can help you lose extensively.
EMS Fitness Dubai Wireless EMS Training in DubaiEMS Fitness Studio in Dubai

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