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Ferrer Timotic Tennis Academy

Dubai Municipality Club, Al Jadaf Dubai, Dubai
Ferrer Timotic Tennis Academy (FTTA) offers advanced and intensive high-performance fitness and tennis programs in Dubai for existing and new students being enrolled into our affiliate schools in Dubai.
FTTA is the best tennis academy in Dubai and also has educated the leading tennis players across all age groups. Based in Dubai, we are highly proficient in tennis training iand have the ability to train kids in an extremely brief span of time beginning with the newbie degree to intermediate, sophisticated and all the means to the professional level.

Founded in 2012, FTTA has more than 30 years of experience in tennis training, and serves as a platform for talented tennis players and students in the UAE. We aim to improve competitive tennis in the region, providing tennis training to schools and individuals both. We are the only tennis academy operated by professional tennis players with several championships. FTTA is the ultimate choice of serious players and students who wish to pursue a professional tennis career.

FTTA ultimately aims to serve as the ideal platform for students in the region to compete in various inter-school, national and international tournaments, encourage a culture of fitness and physical activity in the region and encourage students to join the academy and train to be able to represent the nation in national and international tournaments. The dedication and hard work of world-class coaches is our key to success.
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