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ACOUP Employment Services

Office#1, IBRI House Mezzanine, Onpassive Metro, Shk Zayed Road, Dubai 042180400 https://www.acoup.com/
ACOUP Employment Services: Pioneering medical recruitment in the UAE and UK for over 22 years, delivering excellence within 30 days of request.
ACOUP Employment Services

ACOUP Employment Services stands as a beacon in the realm of medical recruitment and staffing, serving the healthcare sectors of the UAE and UK with unmatched dedication for over 22 years. We recognize the global challenge posed by the post-Covid shortage of medical professionals and are primed to address this need. Our commitment is solidified by our promise to onboard exceptional medical staff within a mere 30 days, eradicating the traditional hurdles of overseas recruitment.

Catering to a diverse clientele, from the prestigious National Health Trusts of the UK to private hospitals in the UAE, our service range spans from general practitioners, specialists, and nurses to non-clinical roles such as IT and administration. We understand the nuances of medical staffing, and our vetting processes ensure that every professional we provide is of the highest calibre. Moreover, our confidence is showcased in our full refund and replacement guarantee. With ACOUP, healthcare facilities are assured not just staff, but excellence in every hire.

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