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Unit D-56, International Media Production Zone (IMPZ), PO Box 72423, Dubai + 971 4 246 1600 https://www.learningwithbiz.com/
With our work center, corporate training, team building, and transforming offerings, we provide a better environment for businesses to operate.
With global growth forecasts of 3% for 2019 and 2.5% for 2020, the overall environment that businesses operate in is much tougher than in previous years. This means we all need to deliver better, faster and smarter to survive and thrive within this new business landscape.

Investing in learning and development is a way of improving collaboration, agility, teamwork, and ultimately productivity. The problem is, leaders and teams are regularly frustrated with corporate training programs that waste time and money, with no direct impact on leadership capability or business performance.

This is where we differ! We understand that today’s learning is self-driven and learners want personalized and relevant content that they can access anytime, anywhere. Biz Group has spent 25 years perfecting a unique learning formula for business results. How does it work?

We start by defining the business metrics you are trying to impact. Then we establish how your teams prefer to learn. We then work with your teams to pick the technology that best supports the desired learning outcome. Finally, we define which topics would change the behaviors that impact your desired business results

Today, Biz Group is home to 60 professionals who still share Hazel's original vision. People are and will continue to be at the heart of everything we do; all of our products, events and learning journeys. Naturally, this passion for people led to the creation of our brand promise: to change the way people think and work every day.

Since 1993 we have grown into much more than a training company. We're proud to say that we've worked with hundreds of leading Middle East companies, helping them to overcome their business challenges and transform their organisations.

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