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Sachisa Water Filters Technology LLC

Lootah Ware House No:4, Damascus st, P.O.Box:236495, Dubai +971 4 2205788, +971 4 2807885, https://www.sachisa.com/
Sachisa Water Filters Technology LLC, is a leading water filters distributor in the UAE and OMAN offering a range of Aqua Alkaline water purification, RO+ Alkaline Water Purifier systems.
We are the best Alkaline Water Filter Suppliers in Dubai UAE and OMAN. Being the world's leading Water Purifier Suppliers in Dubai and UAE, we export to over 70 Countries.

For over a decade, we have established a strong presence in the Middle East, specializing in Reverse Osmosis and Alkaline Technology through the design of versatile, advanced water filtration systems.

Axon Filters Technology now introduces SachiSa Pure Alkaline Water to the Middle East, under license from the USA along with filter membranes. While alkaline water has been available in developed markets in India and the USA for over 3 decades, SachiSa is the first in its category to be launched in this region!

With offices already up and running in Oman and India, and operations concurrently expanded to cover South East Asian and Far eastern markets, plans are underway to expand its scope across the Middle East.

90% of office staff customers drink more water and less sugary drinks eversince installing SachiSa Pure Alkaline Water Purifier. Every household has a different need. We will personally understand your needs and suggest the right one for you. Call us for a free demo & get a free gift.
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