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ELK Consulting

4/F, Mega Mall Tower, Bu Daniq, Al Qassimiyah P.O. Box 73500, Sharjah 00971 6598 5179
ELK Consulting is a pioneer in offering comprehensive range of research services to the scholars across Dubai.
Incorporated in 2016, ELK Consulting, is a one-stop center for all your research assistance needs. Be it writing, editing or proofreading of dissertations or theses, our services are guaranteed for quality and time delivery.

At ELK Consulting, we understand the importance of dissertations and theses in your academic career, which is why we employ only the best minds in the industry who are capable of producing research papers of high quality.

We have a dedicated professional PhD thesis writers of different disciplines who had given their expert consultations and provide thesis help in Dubai, UAE and other Arabic country based clients.

The qualified team at ELK Consulting has been assisting research scholars to enable them to accomplish their academic success.

Right from the stage of finalising a topic of your research to finding research gap to helping research scholars develop a questionnaire, our services gamut is like a helping hand to research scholars.

Consultation is offered through Rapid Collaborate, Skype or Whatsapp apart from email. We organise camps for PhD scholars in UAE once in three months where we meet PhD candidates and discuss research related issues.

Whether you want our assistance in crafting your thesis or refine to the finest quality, we can do it all.

E: [email protected]
ELK Consulting

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