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Victoria Group of Institutions

Al Khan Street, Al Buheira, Sharjah +971 6 5521313
Victoria offers an excellent modern education system that results in holistic development of the students.
Victoria is committed to provide a healthy learning platform for those who seek knowledge.It attempts to create a balance between the rich Islamic culture & national traditions of the UAE and the demands of modern educational environment.

Today the very name VICTORIA has grown to be synonymous with excellence in education, with the sole purpose of providing cutting-edge modern education that is both accessible and affordable.

Victoria offers a friendly learning atmosphere to the students. A team of committed and qualified teachers takes personal care of the academic needs of the students.

Victoria, in the short period since it was started has grown into an institution that provides excellent modern education while keeping the overall growth and development of the students in mind.

One of the main aims of Victoria is to ensure students to get a high quality learning experience that meets both their needs and the needs of the society.

Victoria college Victoria Educational institute#niosinstituteinuae

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