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eDoctors came into existence in Dubai in the year 2016. edoctors.ae is a comprehensive online health platform providing information related to common symptoms of most prevalent health conditions...
With the advancement of technology, the world has become a global village. Following the digital way of communication, eDoctors came into existence in Dubai in the year 2016. The health care platform was built with the mission to be the kind of platform where patients get connected with doctors and medical institutions.

The web portal is just a click away and you can have any medical related information that you need. We ensure to deliver high-quality information, this is why we have generated tools which helps us to access informational content on every health care topic.

Our web portal is solely intended for informational purpose and is by no way a means for diagnosis, or a substitute to a visit to a doctor. Apart from rapid and precise searches, our web portal can connect patients to medical institutions and professionals at any time.

The edoctors.ae portal contains a database of more than 1000 healthcare institutions, offices and a large database of physicians, so that you can search for your preferred physician or institution based on specialization, or based on city, or hospital name.

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