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Carateen Movers

Dry Port Customs, W/ H - C Building, Near Vegetable Market, Dubai 00971 55 5151 156 https://www.carateenmovers.com
Carateen Movers is one of the best Cargo companies in Dubai that provides door-to-door cargo services.
You need to move your household locally or overseas, or you have a small volume of personal stuff you need to ship to your home country, or looking for packing and storage services,

Then just download our mobile application and we will take care of pricing, booking, and the whole job until you get the proof of delivery.

Carateen Team is an expert in House & Office Moving Service and Personal Effects Shipments, we help you to compare prices and get you moving quickly and easily.

Carateen provides storage space for rent in Dubai! There are many types of Storage facilities, the common in between is that all of them are secured and safe, and well-maintained storage services to keep your valuable personal items for long periods without getting them affected by the weather conditions.

Air Conditioned Storage: the store is cold and facilitated with Air Condition
Open Space Storage: your items will be marked and counted then stored in an open area with other cargo.
Lockable Storage: you can choose your unit of storage space based on the volume of your items, will be closing it and getting your access keys and card, only you are the one who can open it.
The difference between them is of course the rent fees, let us know how much the volume you have and we will send you all options. You can visit the storage place to check by yourself before getting your items in. Storage rates can include the following service as per your need:

Storage rent.
Packing at your house
Delivery to the booked store
Unpacking and reassembly and removing Debris.
Handling Out after Storage and delivery to your new residence or maybe you will need shipping and that can be offered by us.

Email: [email protected]
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