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Dr Juan Carlos

Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital, Jumeirah St - Um Jumeirah 3, Dubai +971543414383 https://plasticsurgeonindubai.com
Dr Juan Carlos offers breast augmentation surgery in Dubai.
Sometimes with age or due to weight loss, your breasts might not feel proportional to your body. In such cases, you can enlarge them with a breast augmentation in Dubai.

Everything You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation

Beauty is subjective and has a different definition according to everyone!

However, there is nothing wrong with yearning for a particular kind of body goal. For example, some want an ideal hip; some people crave well-shaped buttocks, some may want well-toned thighs, and so on.

Similarly, many women these days desire perfect breasts. They want to size it up according to their body proportion by either reducing or enhancing their breast size. Breast augmentation is one such procedure that helps women achieve larger and firmer breasts.

Dr. Juan Carlos Barrera Rojas is an experienced, skilled, and multidisciplinary plastic surgeon in Dubai. Born in Colombia, Dr. Juan studied and practiced across various South American and North American countries before moving to the UAE. Now completing over 28 years of cosmetic practice, he serves at the prestigious Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital as an expert in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic surgery.
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