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Elite Style Polyclinic

1306, Al Attar Tower, Dubai +97143250015
Elite Style Polyclinic is a top-notch aesthetic service in Dubai that provides treatments like plastic surgery, cosmetic treatments, fat freezing, and many more.
Top-notch aesthetic services done here in Dubai: plastic surgery, cosmetic treatments such as fat freezing, tattoo removal, HIFU, scar removal and many more.

Almost every person has at least some minor physical defects or body specificity that he/she doesn't like in him-/herself. Most of those can be treated with the help of plastic surgery or non-surgery treatments. Modern people deserve a better-looking body, as it affects the way we feel, our self-confidence correlates with the way we look.

Located in Al Attar Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, Elite Style Polyclinic provides a wide variety of aesthetic treatments. Our team of skilled professionals will eagerly give you a free consultation about any aspect you want to improve in your body. We will recommend you the best procedure for your situation and provide you with a detailed information about the process of the treatment, describe all possible side effects if there are any (in most cases they are very minor), tell you about recovery time and a lot more.

Our services include: liposuction, breast augmentation, peeling, HIFU treatment, fat freezing, cellulite removal, laser hair removal, tattoo removal, dental aesthetic and other procedures.

Call us now to book a free consultation or visit our website for more info.
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