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Money Protects

Office 1613-1614, Blue Bay Tower - Marasi Dr, Dubai 5621206591 https://moneyprotects.com/
Money Protects™ is a Techno driven and digitally accelerated company offering Financial Freedom Debt management, Financial planning & Wealth Management digital bespoke.
Money Protects™ is a Techno driven and digitally accelerated company offering Financial Freedom Debt management, Financial planning and Wealth Management digital bespoke solutions.

Our Asset Backed restructuring & Low risk Asset Building Investments Innovation is a key to bring long term sustainability & growth.

MONEY PROTECTS™ of M A B Innovations Restructuring of Financial Regulation Civil Company as a firm authorized and regulated by Dubai Economic Department to legally offer its professional services which is as stated under license activity

- “Restructuring of Financial Regulation and Bankruptcy Services” detailed as under: “firm specialized in providing services regarding organizing the bankruptcy protection measures and the restructuring and financial regulation of businesses and individuals, including conducting studies of asset re-evaluation, debt restructuring, capital alternatives, increase of internal cash flows, reducing the operation cost of the institution and directing savings towards increasing of efficiency”.

The firm is set to operate as a digitally accelerated company offering financial advice and debt management, financial planning and wealth management solutions derive from market resource available at all financial platforms for buy/sell, and make digital bespoke solution for their respective client base.

Our consulting services also covers areas such as: Market Risks, Credit Risks, Asset protection, and any other related financial structured services. We are quite aware that financial consulting businesses these days require diverse and sophisticated approach; and we position our company to offer a wide range of digitally equipped and state of art financial services as per current market driven need of the hour.

Money Protects is focused on “client’s financial problems” faced in current market scenario or in any momentum of all time market fluctuations, based on result driven solutions that provides broad-based results at an affordable cost.

We offer a complete range of financial consulting services to both individual and corporate clients and we will ensure that we work hard to provide the required services and financial solutions needed by our clients to accomplish their financial goals and objectives towards their financial freedom.

At Money Protects, our client’s best interest come first and everything we do is guided digitally by our values and professional ethics. We will ensure that we hire brains who are well experienced in a wide variety of financial products and deliver on the bespoke producibility on our platform with minimal manual intervention.

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