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Eminence Group

ONE BUSINESS CENTER, LEVEL 38 OFFICE 2, ONE HOTEL, Dubai 0526053202 /+ 41 22 731 10 76 https://eminencegroup.ae/
Eminence Group is one of the leading outsourcing companies in Dubai for Call Centre, Business Management and Corporate Advisory services.
Eminence Group SITUATED IN THE HEART OF DUBAI , Right In Front of BURJ KHALIFA , is operational since the year 2001.

Our edge is our deep understanding of the local culture, market economics, employment laws, the legal framework and global sourcing strength.

We provide bespoke solutions for our clients with complete transparency, commitment and dedication. Therefore, EMINENCE GROUP is to excel in the little things which matter the most to your organization. For which, we are 24/7 available to help your firm, be it Business Management or handling customers.

We take care of everything – right from Understanding the Business to onboarding. o you have digital objectives to achieve? We love challenges! Request a quotation, meeting or advice on your business to [email protected] or complete the form below. However, no recruitment offers will be accepted on this address.

E: [email protected]
business consultant

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